Saturday, January 31, 2009

I wonder when we all stopped say Perambulation?

I never really noticed how much we wait in life, we wait for things, for Money, Love, Power, Fame, the god-dammed 14A. We expect all these things to come if we just wait, and for some things they do, bur maybe we should try and do other things whilst waiting, because we've got to fill the time somehow! I'd just left Josh's dad's house, and I knew the 14A wasn't going to come any time soon, so instead of waiting I strolled up to Rathmines, I could've just waited for the bus, but instead I went out and walked, I took in the nighttime scenery, breathed the cold air with hearty intakes, and when the glowing lights of Rathmines came into view, I could've kept on walking, and came close to, be then I remembered from here I could get a 14 as well as the 14A. It's a pretty sucky comparison, but the point I'm trying to get across is, that yeah you can wait for some things, but maybe if you went out and did something instead of waiting, you could find a new way to achieve your goal.
And sometimes you just need to take a stroll to clear your mind...

Friday, January 30, 2009

In Case Of Emergancy Stand Around Dumbfounded and Useless

I'm really bad at reacting to danger or distress, my mind just sort of shuts down and leaves me just staring into space, obviously I know I should do something because I could help but I never know what to do, it usually just ends up with me going "Are you Okay? Are you Okay? Can, can I get you anything? You sure you're Okay?" Not the most helpful thing in the world. Ah well, someday I'll get the hang of it.

I don't know if anyone else has this, but I have a very active imagination, I mean the gears are always churning away in there with the power on full and steam shooting out everywhere, and I noticed that it actually effects me on the outside. Let me explain shall I?
I was on the way home from school today on the 16, listening to music whilst leaning against the window, and my mind wandered as it usually does and led to me imagining a a dark scene. I imagined I was walking through town late at night, I'm guessing by the cobblestone floor that I was probably in and around Temple Bar, but that's not important, I was by myself, and I remember I looked down an alleyway and I saw two reasonably large men Holding this Girl and covering her mouth with their hands so she couldn't scream, with one more gentleman standing in front of them with the intent to Mug/Kill/Rape her (I don't think my mind ever specified) So I remember I ran down the alley way and tackled the guy to the ground and pinned his arm and told the other guys to let go of her otherwise I'd break his arm, so they let her go and I grabbed hold of her and made my way down the alleyway, but the guy had gotten up, produced a knife, ran and stabbed me in the arm. I remember my face actually wincing as if this had actually happened, and then realized my face was reacting to everything I had imagined prior, it that much of an effect on me, it was kinda spooky. At least my mind didn't conjure the pain of being stabbed in the arm as well, because something similar has happened to me before. So don't doubt your imagination, and don't imagine being stabbed in the arm either.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Start of the Beginning

...And so I find myself once more enticed into the realm of Internet bloggings, findings and profilings, guess I'm just a closet blogger, never truly accepting that my thoughts and day belong to the people, to the world, maybe even aliens with a least a 56k connection. But I guess that's human nature, always wanting to show the world who you are and what you've done, in a way trying to justify your own self, revealing unknown parts of your personality and psyche as your dealings of the mind flow through your veins and splash out unto the keyboard (Or typewriter for all you Amish listeners out there). So in recognition of the wonderful event where I venture forth once more into the forest of blogs and twitters and other makey-upy words, I shall post mine very first and own post.

I guess I never really thought about it before, but I never had a reason to, not trying to say I've got one now but the thought occurs: Would I make a good parent?
Now hopefully I shall not have to discover the real answer to this until the time is right, but it's interesting to dwell on, I mean sure I'm funny and generally a nice guy to hang around with, but how does that translate to parenthood? I know for a fact I detest smaller children, as you have to watch them 24/7 worrying about them denting their little heads or sticking things into other things, having to duck tape down every corner until it looks like the room succumbed to rapid erosion, you know the usual. But forgetting that now, as my son/daughter entered teen hood, I think I'd be alright at it, I'm quite down to earth and open minded, I can take any situation well, should they come home one day and tell me they're sick/pregnant/drug addict/Country-Western Singer I could handle it, but I'd have to raise them up until this point in order to deal with this.
I guess as I said when the times comes I'll find out, but think about it yourselves as you shut the door to this blog and wander down the endless halls of the Internet, would you make a good parent?

And for those who care, I would love to have a girl, I'd call her Sarah, and I would dote on her much, but where a Man to become instead, I would call him Jeffery, and raise him to be tall, thin and hilarious.