Saturday, January 31, 2009

I wonder when we all stopped say Perambulation?

I never really noticed how much we wait in life, we wait for things, for Money, Love, Power, Fame, the god-dammed 14A. We expect all these things to come if we just wait, and for some things they do, bur maybe we should try and do other things whilst waiting, because we've got to fill the time somehow! I'd just left Josh's dad's house, and I knew the 14A wasn't going to come any time soon, so instead of waiting I strolled up to Rathmines, I could've just waited for the bus, but instead I went out and walked, I took in the nighttime scenery, breathed the cold air with hearty intakes, and when the glowing lights of Rathmines came into view, I could've kept on walking, and came close to, be then I remembered from here I could get a 14 as well as the 14A. It's a pretty sucky comparison, but the point I'm trying to get across is, that yeah you can wait for some things, but maybe if you went out and did something instead of waiting, you could find a new way to achieve your goal.
And sometimes you just need to take a stroll to clear your mind...

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  1. mmm, very true! I try to bring a book to read, or at least text folk. Walking is nice though!