Saturday, May 15, 2010

After paying for a 10,000gp diamond and finding a lvl 13. Cleric I can finally cast true ressurection on this blog

Indeed, like all internet based things I finally cripple under the weight of it all and return, so to the 0.4 people who care about this hello again! I'll probably be using this thing as an extention of thoughts sort of thing, because you know I'm such a deep person and all that. More of that I get into deep thought but don't focus it, or forget it soon after. So this way it's more of a thought enhancer if you will. So I guess enjoy the trappings of my mind.
Be forwarned though, I'm not the sort of persin to hold back, so maybe at times I'll post G rated stuff, maybe onto 12's PG, but knowing me it will go 18's at some point. You can think I'm weird, but I'd rather you didn't judge me on these thoughts alone. We all think funked up things, I'm just the one to say mine.
So for those who wonder there's no update schedule thingie if you're looking to check up on me, just at some point I'd say every week or two expect something, I'm sure I'll have something to say!
From the sofa in his room which he's been sleeping on for over a week, this has been Alex.

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