Saturday, May 22, 2010

Because my life isn't musical enough.

Well I was figuring what to write this week so I thought why not just go about what happened this week? Not exactly all that interesting really, so to spice it up a bit today's post shall be entirely in limerick form!

There once was a history class,
To do work they couldn't be assed,
A baloon fight was had,
Made everyone glad,
That didn't have to learn of the past!

Once on a sunny day,
A few gentlemen went out to play,
So with blue disc in hand,
The fun was so grand,
And that's all I have to say!

Of a gametype I had to teach,
In a night full of Halo: Reach,
Many skulls went flying,
And I kept dying,
Ah well, life's a beach!

There once was a group of 1st years,
Who were out racing their peers,
So we'd thought it a lark,
To send out Mark,
We were left laughing to tears!

From the swealtering body of mine, this has been Alex!

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