Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On the agenda

List of things to do After the LC

Finish FF XIII.
Replay FF X.
Finish training Pokemon team.
Walk the funk out of my Pokewalker.
Play Monster Rancher, Abe's Odyssey/Exodus infinite other PSX games.
SSBM/SSBB matches with Max.

Flesh out world with history and proper locations.
Plan a few sessions, at least 1 before every flees.
Tidy up Character Sheets, balance out characters.
Create End Boss(es).
Flesh out Cathedral of Lanterns.
Create various NPCs, magic items and structured storyline.
Create recurring villain?
Figure out how to intertwine Sam into it all.

Obtain a monocle.
Obtain a night-life.
Obtain a lady?
Re-read Halo books.
College stuff, how to get there, books etc.
Frisbee, and lots of it.
Have my 19th birthday on my actual birthday date, or at least within a week.
Assure eternal bondage with friends.
Tan up and slim down.
Cut hair?
Purchase flights and stuff for Barcelona.
Relish the few days I will have Fanta Grape in Portugal.
Various other things.

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